I build web applications

What I do

For entrepeneurs who want to make their business idea reality, Retrosync is a one stop technical shop that can build the application or the website you need. Unlike big software companies, I deliver functional solutions in time and on budget. I am a full stack developer to the fullest extent: I've constructed datacenters and write frontend applications in Javascript. My main expertise is building web applications to prototype mad business ideas.

Who I am

I, Bart ten Brinke, am a developer, security expert & prototyper. I have a masters degree in Information Technology and a minor degree in Biomedical Engineering; both from the University of Twente, the Netherlands. I also hold a CISSP security title. I have created products for companies like the ABN-Amro Bank, NPO, Nedap, the Sony Entertainment Network and Walmart. These are used on a daily basis by thousands of people.

How I work
What I use

The tools I use are the ones that offer the best solution to the problem at hand. But when the problem is unclear and I want to build a prototype in order to learn more, I fall back on the following tools from my toolbox:

How you contact me

The easiest way is to send me an email at info@retrosync.com or just give me a call at +316-47272430. Other options include Twitter or Linked-In. I hope to hear from you soon! — Bart ten Brinke